Tokiwa Kitareri

Last release: Chapter 015 Kidnapping and advice ยป

Chapter 015 Kidnapping and adviceRead
Chapter 014 A story of VictoryRead
Chapter 013 The Plan to Use Tokiwa as a DecoyRead
Chapter 012Read
Chapter 011 TenkaRead
Chapter 010 Aria's School LifeRead
Chapter 009 Aria's new lifeRead
Chapter 008 PunishmentRead
Chapter 007 EmergencyRead
Chapter 006 Say it!Read
Chapter 005 The Revelation of Ri'inRead
Chapter 004 The secret girlRead
Chapter 003 An unexpected visitRead
Chapter 002 Avoiding going to schoolRead
Chapter 001 The time has comeRead
Chapter 000.2 DEM IIIRead
Chapter 000.1 HarukaRead
Bonus Chapter 02Read
Bonus Chapter 01Read
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